If you peek under the leaves of your family tree, you’d be surprised what you might find.

I always knew my Louisiana roots  ran deep, with a family Bible filled with French  surnames, plus German and Spanish ones morphed to suit colonial Louisiana’s cultural norms. Plus an Anglo-American grandmother with scant family history details. Who were the people beyond the names, and who were the people that came before them?

Once I started digging deeper, I found most family stories had a grain of truth that only scratched the surface of complex lives. More often they downplayed rather than embellished. Then there were the stories lost to the generations or deliberately buried.

It’s too juicy to not share with all of you: family, friends and the world.

I’m a native of Louisiana, where most of my family remains, and a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, where I married a tall Yankee from Chicago.

Janet on Camp Swing
Janet Rose Lafleur (1964-) at Prof’s Camp near Lake Chicot, Louisiana circa 1970